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Innovative ideas and themes to the rescue!
Come decorate your house this Navratri with some of the most innovative idea’s and themes for 2010!

Now your step by step guide to making great looking decoration at home!
You can choose any theme to decorate your Golu.

Just keep 3 things in mind:

1.  Your idea

2.  Availability of material which determine the cost

3.  Time consumed in making it

Always be clear about your idea. It can be as simple as a park or zoo or even a complicated one like the Kailasha or Triputhi devastanam.

Always keep a tab on your available material.

You will require:
  • Sand
  • Red soil
  • Mustard seeds

One week before the Golu:
If you decide to make a park, get a little bit of sand/soil. Take a small plant pot and put some mustard seeds and water it once a day for a week's time. In a week's time they will sprout a couple of inches high.

Spread the river sand/soil near the Golu steps (or anywhere on the ground) and plant the sprouted mustard plants to it. If you wish to make a forest, spread sand/soil evenly across the floor to create your uneven ground. Place some rocks and stones in and around the area. Now add some plants by planting it in the sand/soil to make it look greener. Place animal dolls in your new forest area.

Don't forget to spray water for the plants daily before you go to bed.

You will require:
  • Brown paper
  • Cotton

One day before the Golu:
The heavenly abode of Lord Shiva is one of the easiest to create. According to the size of the mountain you want to create pick up your brown paper. Crush the brown paper and create a heap in shape of a mountain. Also do the same at the foot hills by spreading the crushed paper. The crushed paper will create an uneven path like one can find in the mountains.

Now take a bundle of cotton, spread thin layers of the cotton all over the foothills and mountain created by you. You now have the Kailash hill. Place Shiva and Parvathi dolls on the hill top and voila!